Zubby Michael shows humility by sitting on plastic chair while Aki na Pawpaw sits on wooden chair


This might be a movie set or location, but this picture goes beyond just a movie set: it shows the humility of Zubby Michael.

In the picture above, Zubby Michael was clearly seen sitting on a plastic chair, while Osita Iheme MFR(also known as Pawpaw) and Chinedu Ikedieze MFR(Aki), otherwise called “Aki na Pawpaw” were rocking a wooden and more comfortable chair.

The Lesson learned is this:

Wherever/ whatever industry you might find yourself, Always be humble and loyal to those who are higher and older than you. Aki na Pawpaw are voices in the Nollywood industry, they’ve been in the game for decades. It was so nice to see that Zubby Michael could acknowledge that and show his humility.

I might be wrong in my opinion.