Zlatan Ibile Stands a King above them All


Making music is not an easy task. Music production is not as sweet as it sounds. It is similar to the making of a movie. Although movie making is more complex and takes time to accomplish, music production is a ‘hell’ of a task too. You’ll have to compose the song; write it. And make a suiting beat that blends with your lyrical delivery. After that you begin to voice it. The producer takes your voice recording and merges it with the beat to create a rhythmic sequence. A sound engineer takes over to mix it and a bit more is done to finalize the song production. Now, it’s ready and everyone is jamming to it.

This process of music-making as it has been described in a nutshell above requires huge financial investment. You’ll have to pay for the beat and pay the producer, sound engineer and all who take part in the song production. It is huge indeed.

The likes of Rema, Joe Boy, and Fire Boy DML are lucky as their struggle to music stardom stopped when they met the big boys who own thriving record labels in Nigeria. But it was much harder for acts like Zlatan Ibile and co who had to push from an independent source to climb the leather of success in the music industry.

The emphasis hers is that it becomes easy for an artist who is privileged to sign to an existing and thriving music record label than it is for an independent artist who struggles to a breakthrough in the music industry.

The good luck such an independent artist would have is a great street anthem song embraced by all. That gives such an act instant recognition and platform to move forward. The song ‘Able God’ by Chinko Ekun featuring Zlatan and Lil Kesh did expose him to Nigerians. It was that song that introduced him to Nigerians before his further collaborations and solo releases pushed his stardom to an amazing height. Thus, establishing himself as one of the rave of the moment. He is, therefore, one of those acts who pulled through into mainstream music industry from the back door. So, he deserves some accolades.

Special applause to Zlatan and the likes of Victor AD for doing it and coming through straight from the streets with little or no support by established record labels. Some others walked through a path way, a road but this guys came out from the thick forest and ‘stole attention’.

More breakthrough for talented but still struggling stars. Hopefully, there will be more credible platforms for them to ride on to success.