Zari Hassan reacts to baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s alleged breakup


Zari Hassan has reacted to her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz and his recent baby mama, Tanasha Donna’s alleged breakup.
Speculation of the couple going through a turbulent time in their relationship, came after Donna unfollowed Diamond Platnumz, his Sister Esma Platmuz and his mother Mama Dangote.

Donna who also left Tanzania for Nairobi under unclear circumstances, went off on an Instagram rant which centered on “having a clean heart and telling her story through music”.
She wrote;

“Having a clean heart is priceless because it’s so damn valuable that not even money can match up to its Standards. Thank you Allah. I feel your presence Allah. Every time you close one door, you open another. Each and every single time. Now wait and see what I have in store for you all, especially my beautiful strong women. Get ready for a lot of new music. I will tell my story through it. I will never sell my soul. Its all God over here.”

Donna also wrote about “narcissists” who according to her feel that karma won’t hit them until it does.
She wrote;

“People like this have no soul and humanity left in them. Pure Evil. Its like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their Karma. The narcissists always believe that karma won’t hit them until it does. Sometimes it takes experience and realization to learn, pray hard every day!! 5 times a day if possible. Because dealing with a narcissist is like dealing with the devil himself. Protect your soul.”