Yvonne Nelson Reacts to Claims She’s Beefing Jackie Appiah After Unfollowing Her On Social Media


Out of nowhere, stories emerged the past couple of days that Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah had started beefing each other.

Yvonne Nelson and Jackie were alleged to have unfollowed each other due to a beef they had – although no one could tell what the beef was.

Yvonne has responded to the claims and she says she has no beef with Jackie.

Speaking with Abeiku Santana, Yvonne said it’s true she and Jackie do not follow each other but it’s just because they aren’t close friends.

“Jackie Appiah and I are more like work mates and not friends. I don’t even know where she lives, besides she doesn’t follow me on Instagram so why should I follow her?” Yvonne said.

She continued; “I don’t even follow our President Nana Addo because he doesn’t follow me but it doesn’t mean I have issues with him.”