Yvonne Nelson displays her famous legs in a black mini dress


Yvonne Nelson is walking the Lagos walk— whatever that is and means, all we know is the actress has again displayed her beautiful legs in a mini black dress and we love it.

Meanwhile, Yvonne Nelson’s ex and baby daddy Jamie Roberts is in the news again. We are safe to say he has found another love with another African beauty.

It looks like our man has a penchant and a thing for Melanin goddesses. In a picture he shared, he is seen with having a good time on a yacht with a black lady.

He says he thought he had a worse 2019 until now. Following that, the mother of one Yvonne Nelson shared a picture of herself looking her lovely self.

The legs in full ovation— the only thing that is between Yvonne and Jamie definitely is Ryn their daughter but Jamie is so missing out. Yvonne is a whole meal.!