Youths with no credit, no light are always quick to insult on social media – Sonnie Badu


Ghanaian UK-based gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu recently stated that Ghana will never know peace until the Kotoka International Airport is changed to Kwame Nkrumah International Airport.

This didn’t go down well with many as people really descended heavily on him.

Well, Sonnie Badu has also hit back at those who disagreed with him over the change of the Kotoka International Airport.

According to Sonnie Badu , Ghanaian Youths with little credit on their phone and with no light are always quick to insult on social media.

In a Facebook live conversation, Sonnie Badu said,

“What are we doing as the youth of Ghana?. I am working hard to put Ghana on the map, to put Africa on the map, you get a youth who has a little credit left on their phone and they quickly text insults quick insults.

Yet they probably don’t have lights at home, instead of them to ask how are you doing up there, how can we get there?, they are quick to do it and insult.”

He continued,

“Right now I travel a lot, Ghanaians who break through they don’t want to be called Ghanaians.

Ghanaians who have broken through they will tell you if you want to prosper don’t make Ghanaians your friends.

Churches that have broken through and the pastor is Ghanaian, 85% of the members are not Ghanaian members. Because Ghanaians will go to the church and they will pull it down, things they haven’t seen they will tell you they have seen, things they haven’t heard they will tell you they have heard.”