Youth pastor caught rocking stripper at Lagos strip club (Video)

A youth pastor of a celestial church has been called out for living a double life as a spiritual leader and participant in things of the flesh.

He visited a strip club to hve fun during his spare time and he was captured on tape rocking a stripper in a carefree manner.

A video which went viral showed him when he was dancing at the club and it fastforwarded to the time he was preaching his his church outfit.

It was apparently recorded by someone who knows his personal life and the person decided to share the clip to show the type of activities he engages in outside of the church.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, charity_gabriel_23 said; Street no Dey finish na you go finish 😂

iammusko; Life no hard, na una take am serious 😒

vibewitheliyon; So I dey do the work of God, make I no kon enjoy 🙄

ennywizzy_; Oya comot your eyes for church money , na pastor get am

billionn_dollar_baby; That’s why I’m tired of going to church

iam_geminikay; God go get plenty work to do on judgement day sha

eliscrescent; This Christain thing bah…. Na just you and God ooo…. Nothing concern church or club or this and that… just you and God only….

ajayi4716; Being a pastor doesn’t stop him from enjoying life, and you never can tell if that’s his woman

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