“You’re punishing the child” – Verydarkman speaks on Davido child custody drama with Sophia Momodu (Video)

Social media activist Martins Otse Vincent, popularly known as Verydarkman, has weighed in on the child custody battle between Nigerian singer Davido and his first baby mama Sophia Momodu (VDM).

It is no more news that Sophia Momodu and Davido has been fighting over the custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke and the news has caused buzz online.

Sharing his opinions about the ongoing drama, Verydarkman, known for his bold persona, started by applauding the current generation of fathers, who are actively trying to get involved in the lives of their children.

To further elaborate on Davido and Sophia Momodu’s child custody battle, Very Dark Man said that growing up, he didn’t have a father, and was raised by a single mother.

He also said that he moved in with two families during different time frames, and both families were abandoned by their fathers.

Very Dark Man said that women should be considerate when dealing with their baby daddies because in the long run, it is the kids that get affected.

He also threw shade at Edo men, stating that they were fond of abandoning their families, and it is the women that normally chase after them with their kids.

Very Dark Man went on to advise Sophia Momodu against using any grievances she has against Davido to stop him from seeing his child.

He said that if Sophia Momodu’s stops Davido from seeing Imade, she would only be punishing her daughter.

Very Dark Man concluded his two cents by adding that Sophia Momodu should take it easy with Davido, and even though he doesn’t know what she went through that made her to fight Davido.

Watch the video below:

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