“You’re a married woman” – Nigerian man confronts wife, bars her from ladies’ hangout (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media shows the moment a Nigerian man and his wife were arguing when she wanted to go out with her friends.

She was already dressed and set to go out for her friend’s birthday, but her husband was opposed to the idea as he implied that it was already late.

The man told her that she is a married woman and a mother, so her responsibility should be to take care of her baby.

He also questioned the outfit she wore and wondered if she is not aware that she is now someone’s wife. In her defence, she said her friends still find time to hangout despite being married.

She went on to say that he hangs out with his own friends and she does not try to stop him, but he claimed that the situation is different.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @naturalboifilmz said; A marriage where you can’t occasionally spend time with friends or family is not a marriage but a prison. Make your partner’s life better and more fun when they’re with you than it was when they were alone. My only issue here is her dress mode. She can dress decently and still look sexy.

@Emi_bibe; Instead of you to use swt voice try convince hubby u come dey shout untop, listen men, there are issues in the home that I must have a final say and this is a good example. U must watch and decide which friend ur wife keep bcos na dia d whole thing dey start oh.This woman wan go knack

@OgbeniOlabode1; In my opinion, it is Infact advisable, let her go on vacation with her friends, i love it, we shouldn’t always be around ourselves , when she goes, i miss her and there is this urge that feels like you’re meeting her for the first time again.

It’s normal to get bored of your partner’s company. Find strategies to ginger your marriage when you feel the energy is getting low

@jujupunter; In my Opinion, she’s a Married woman, yes and she should be Submissive and listen to her husband. Infact, she shouldn’t even be arguing and threatening him like she did in the End. It’s wrong.

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