“Your pain would not be relieved” – Kemi Olunloyo comes for Davido again


One of the most famous fued in Nigeria is that of the controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo and popular Nigeria singer Davido.

Kemi have been blasting Davido for months now at any chance she gets, if you can remember when she called Davido out about he showcased his new mansion,she claimed he was just doing it for clout.After then,Davido got into a minor accident that affected his ankle,he has been walking with crutches since and Kemi boldy took to her page to announce that Davido would still use a wheelchair.After that,when she heard that Davido is now trying to take care of himself,she has called the singer out and this time she explained herself.

She stated in her post that since Davido disrespected her in 2018,his pain won’t be relieved ( please check the screenshot above to see her full tweet)

She also added that the singer caused her pain that was worse than his mother’s death,and she spoke that she babysat Davido three times when he was young.

What do you think about her tweet?