“Your husband must appear” – Nigerian mother conducts deliverance on daughter over marriage delay

A video of a Nigerian mother conducting a deliverance session on her daughter over delayed marriage has caused a stir online.

The woman on TikTok going by the handle @sadiasadia_a claims that when her brother proposed to his girlfriend, her mother decided to have a prayer and deliverance session for her.

In the video, the daughter was shown kneeling with her siblings standing around her, heartily responding to the prayers with “Amens.”

The lady’s mother could be heard earnestly praying for her daughter’s future husband as the video went on. She prayed explicitly for the removal of any veils or “cobwebs” that would hinder his vision and keep him from finding her daughter.

She captioned her post:

“Anywhere her husband is, let the veil and cobwebs covering his face be removed in Jesus’ name.” 

Video below….

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