“Your editing is bad, it’s showing” fans mock Angela Okorie for photoshopping photo


Women are about that body. Flawless hourglass shape. Not every person is fortunate to have the hourglass shape, which is the reason plastic specialists and originator specialists are bringing in cash. Many individuals settle on body improvements just to feel among.

For the individuals who can’t manage the cost of it they use telephone applications. These applications can change a major midsection into a conditioned and grabbed abdomen line.

Angela Okorie is really one of the most lovely nollywood entertainers I know. She began as a model in those days. She has the stature and everything. Much after she’s had a child,she still looks extraordinary.

I wonder why she ought to alter her photographs. Is it extremely vital? I don’t have the foggiest idea what application she utilized yet it’s undeniable this isn’t what she resembles.

She isn’t wearing a midsection trainer,if she were, it’d appear. Why your midsection line is so little now?In the first picture,her abdomen line is normal,even this one .

Some of the responses propose it’s photoshopped.