Young Nigerian woman “mistakenly” kills friend during fight (graphic videos)

A fight between two young ladies has led to the death of one of them.

A video shared online documents the fatal fight from the moment it started till it turned bloody.

In the video, two women are seen wrestling each other. One of them is seen holding a knife and she slashes the other women with it.

The woman who was slashed begins bleeding from her hand.

Despite efforts to hold the wound to prevent bleeding out, the blood just could not be stopped.

Other girls in the same house are seen coming out to watch and scream at all the blood but no one made an effort to stem its flow.

Sadly, the girl bled to death.

Another video shows her lying lifeless on the floor, with drops of her own blood all around her.

The video has sparked outrage,

It is not clear yet where in Nigeria this happened.

More details later.

Watch the videos below.

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