Young Nigerian men are single handedly ruining the country’s reputation – Feminist Ozzy Etomi

Ozzy Etomi

Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi, has taken to social media to state that young Nigerian men are ruining the country.

According to her, churches tend to focus only on vices related to women despite these issues destroying the reputation of the country.

This is coming after 80 Nigerians were arrested in the US for alleged fraud.

Earlier on, reported the now-viral news of how 80 Nigerian men in the US were arrested for alleged fraud and cybercrimes. Following this, many Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the news.

One of whom is Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi and she seems to be taking a different angle. According to her, young Nigerian men are solely destroying the country’s reputation and all Nigerian churches are focused on preaching against indecent dressing and promiscuity by women.

She wrote: “Young Nigerian men are literally single-handedly ruining the country’s reputation and people’s lives, but you go to Church and they still want to only preach to young girls about wearing tight clothes and sex like that is what is unraveling the fabric of society.” 

“Someone said to me that they wished churches preached to the specific ills pertaining to the Nigerian society. A woman lost her husband to renal cancer & her newborn within the same month, and his family is circling like eagles to seize “their brothers” property when she has 3 kids.” 

According to her, Nigerians are focused on criticizing prostitutes, promiscuous and have even gone on to tag feminists as evil people while the real evil is the wicked and greedy young men with wifi.

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She went further to outline some of the crimes these young men are known for and the damages these things have caused. According to her, women are harassed by the law and gay people are being arrested.

However, the same energy isn’t directed towards these fraudsters, instead, they are hailed like kings.

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while some people agreed with her, others accused her of turning the issue into a gender war.

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This is coming barely a week after social media went agog with the report of the arrest of Obinwanne Okeke as some Nigerians condemned the fraudulent act of the entrepreneur, while others called on the Nigerian security agencies to learn from the FBI.