You won’t believe this, Tacha actually has more fans than Naira Marley


In 2019, there was no trending news that didn’t bear a heading with either Tacha or Marley, this duo are said to have stolen the hearts of Nigerians, especially the youths.

Nigerian youths defend them with everything they hold dear, no wonder a particular youth stubbornly went against his school rule as he claimed to be a Marlians, as such, wouldn’t obey any rules as it was against the Marlians rule.
Hilarious right?

A student in his final year, refused to submit his project work because he claimed to be a Marlian also.

Tacha fans aren’t left out!

They quite defensive of her.
You mock Tacha, you get your ass whipped by her numerous fans.

I don’t know what these two have done to win the hearts of Nigerians, but whatever it is, it should be sustained.

To the question at hand, who do you think has more fan base between the two?