You won’t be wealthy by praying alone, you must work – Omokri


Popular social media evangelist, Reno Omokri has dished out another life lesson to his followers on social media as he advised them to work.

According to Reno, the world’s 26 richest people are worth half of the wealth of the people on earth and this feat was not achieved by prayers in church.

According to the popular evangelist, wealthy people exist because they are players in the business industry.

Going further, Reno expressed that God has ordered wealth to follow work, not prayers.

See his tweet below:

Reno Omokri

The world’s 26 richest people are worth $1.4 trillion. It is equal to the wealth of half the people on Earth. Their wealth comes from being PLAYERS in business, not from PRAYERS in church. God has ordered WEALTH to follow WORK, not to follow PRAYER#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

7:30 AM – Nov 26, 2019