You Want To Collect Bride Price: Nigerian Women React To Ngozi Ezeonu’s Ex-husband’s Allegations


Veteran actress, Ngozi Ezeonu, married her daughter, Ogechukwu Ezeonu off to a handsome man last week Saturday. The wedding was glamorous and star-studded. After the beautiful wedding; the father of the bride, Denis Ikpelue accused Ngozi Ezeonu of giving out his daughter to a man without his consent. According to a report by Anambra online, the father of the bride stated that his daughter did not get married the right way; therefore, she remains unmarried to him. In that report, he also emphasized that no woman has the power to marry another woman off according to his tradition. Following his outcry, some Nigerian women on social media have been mocking the ex-husband for trying to reap from where he did not sow. In their words, the man must have been an absent father when his children were younger but now that they are grown and successful, he wants to reap from where he did not sow.

Read what some of them wrote on Instagram below:

@anitagoergette wrote, “Oga did you train your daughter? absentee father, you want to collect bride price.” (Sic)

Okwyiisabella wrote, “Story for the gods. Where were you when she was training her daughter? Please park one side.” (Sic)

I_am_inii wrote, “Audio father. ” (sic)

@emeraldclaire_fabrique wrote (in parts), “E pain am oooo! Eeyahh… na so e pin Regina Daniel papa too. He never knew she will. be so happy without him and work hard to give her children the best and what I like about Ngozi Ezeonu is her humility and kindness anytime I see her at the catholic church my sister attends in Asaba.” (Sic) wrote, “I’m sure he is one of those men that don’t even trian their children and only surface when the child is ready for marriage.” (Sic)

@preciousgrace1 wrote, “If he was a good father, the girl would have insisted for the presence of her father at her wedding. So the man should go and double 5 seats and sit on it.” (Sic)