You should have a baby to take care of you even if you don’t have a husband – Uche Ogbodo tell ladies

In a recent development, actress Uche Ogbodo has dished out some advice to single women.

She revealed that women who are in their 30s and inching closer to 40 who do not have husbands should look for a way to get pregnant. She expressed that it would not be nice to be at a certain age and to be unmarried, no tangible job, and also no kids to show for it.

She further stated that the modern day women now understand that they do not need to be married or be with a man for them to be happy, but that having a child is important, especially if you’re a family-oriented person.

However, she made it clear that if you don’t care about family, then you shouldn’t mind, but if you’re someone who cares about family, then an important thing to do would be to get pregnant instead of just looking and waiting for a man.

She went on to assuage the fears of women who believe that men will not get married to them once they have kids. She expressed that there are lots of good men out there who will still marry single mothers as long as the single mothers in question have really good characters.

She advised women to take advantage of their child giving period so that they don’t clock an age where they are unable to give birth and end up unhappy. She disclosed that even if you don’t have a marriage, if you have a child who can take care of you when you get older, that will still make you happy.

Now, recall that last year, December of 2023, Uche Ogbodo had gotten into a controversy after she revealed her opinion on a particular trending issue. Following a trending issue of a woman who recently lost a close family member cooking for her husband even while grieving, Uche Ogbodo jumped to express her opinion.

She revealed that she did not see anything wrong with cooking for a partner even if you were grieving. She hinted at the fact that if she was in the woman’s shoes, she would do the same.

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