“You should give the church 30% of your income every month” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

In a recent development, Pastor David Ibiyeomie founder of Salvation Ministry, is trending following a comment he made about tithing and offering during a recent service.

While preaching, a particular commentary he made caught the attention of netizens after he stated that Christians should be able to give more than 10% of their income when giving offering.

He expressed that an offering is naturally supposed to be bigger than a person’s tithe. Now he explained further by using himself as an example as he expressed that he gives 20% of his earnings as offering.

Netizens could not help but put add it all up together because 10% that should be given as tithe and 20% that should allegedly be given as offering makes it 30% of a person’s income. They could not help but take to the comment section to react over how much Christians are supposed to give in a church.

Now also recall that in January of 2024,Tontrends had reported that David Ibiyeomie, had issued an advice to people who serve God. He revealed that if you are a Christian who is serving God, you are not supposed to get paid for it.

He further expressed that once there is a monetary compensation attached to the servitude, then God’s blessings will automatically stop.

He also used a drummer as an example as he expressed that if you are playing a drum in a church and you are hoping that you will get paid for playing the drum, then the blessing that you are supposed to get from it automatically stops.

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