“You sexually abused me, I don’t want that trauma for my girls” – Dotun’s ex wife finally breaks silence

Following her ex husband publicly calling her out for not granting him access to his children, Do2dtun’s ex-wife Taiwo Oyebanjo has chosen to break her silence. Do2dtun, a prominent media personality, has been making headlines recently as he grapples with his attempts to gain access to his children. He has been publicly vocal about his frustrations and has accused both his ex-wife and her brother, D’banj, of obstructing his visitation rights.

Today, Do2dtun’s ex-wife has taken the opportunity to address the allegations and provide her perspective on the situation. She emphasized that every decision she has made throughout this ordeal has been guided by her unwavering determination to protect herself and her daughters from the shadow of abuse. Normally a private individual when it comes to her personal life, she felt compelled to address the matter and provide her side of the story.

In a heartfelt and extensive statement shared on her social media platforms, she opened up about the immense pain she endured during the eight years of their marriage. This included enduring various forms of abuse, including sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. The trauma she endured during this time is something she deeply believes she may never fully recover from. Her primary objective, she revealed, is to shield her daughters from growing up in an environment marred by the same trauma and abuse.

Furthermore, she strongly emphasized the need to separate D’banj, her brother, from their personal issues. She vehemently asserted that D’banj has always shown support and kindness towards Do2dtun, often going out of his way to assist him, including providing one of Do2dtun’s first cars when they initially tied the knot. She categorically denied any suggestion that D’banj was in any way contributing to their ongoing conflicts and urged Do2dtun to address any grievances directly with her.

She also made a point to clarify that D’banj had consistently shown love and generosity towards Do2dtun, even gifting him a new Honda CR-V car as a wedding present. She maintained that if Do2dtun has any issues or concerns, he should communicate them with her directly.

The ongoing custody battle between Do2dtun and his ex-wife has captured the public’s attention due to the public statements and ultimatums that have been made. As the situation unfolds, both parties have now chosen to share their perspectives, offering a deeper look into a complex and emotionally charged dispute. The intricacies surrounding this case continue to develop, and the ultimate resolution remains uncertain.

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