“You made me feel less of a man” – Nigerian man blasts lady for paying for food on their first date, says she would’ve given him the money to pay since she knows he’s broke

Cynthia Zinny, a Nigerian lady, is in a pickle after her crush began acting strangely after their first date.

Zinny stated that a man called Steve asked her out on dates multiple times, but she refused each time until she finally decided it was time for the date.

He did, however, tell her that he was not financially secure. Zinny stated that she offered to take on the obligation, but the issue arose when she wanted to pay for their supper.

Steve insisted that she gave him the money to make the payment, saying, “It’s a punch to his ego as a man.”

Zinny said that it was no big issue, but Steve stayed firm and went outside just as she was about to make the payment.

She claimed he gave her the silent treatment on their way back to their different homes and shared her conversation with him the evening following the date.

In the Facebook chat, she confronted him about his cold attitude toward her, and he responded that what she did made him feel less of a man.

Firdaus O Mohammed said: “Low self esteem dey worry that one and unnecessary ego come join, what a poor mindset…. “He needs to work on his mindset and learn to work on his inferiority complex.”

Afu Nwa Chinedu Chigbo said: “U should’ve pass the money to him since he already confessed to u his financial incapability, it’s not a big deal.”

Jemilah Braimah said: “Na pride dey worry am “I see nothing u paying the bills. “Na wen u a don know una self better na e fit do watin e do so. “E never ready “Wan collect glory bah.”

Adaeze Juliet Nwora Okeke said: “When I was doing friendship my guy use to give me money to payoo in fact I don’t know why he was doing it. He don’t like paying by himself.”

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