“You dumped my friend for fame” – Saskay’s boyfriend comes under fire shortly after their social media launch

There’s a popular saying in Nigeria that the X app is not for the weak, and that might just be true because Saskay and her newly launched boyfriend have been going through it ever since their relationship went public. An X user by the name Max the Airbnb Guy laid some serious accusations on Saskay’s boyfriend Chef Derin, claiming that he had used and dumped his friend after meeting Saskay.

In his tweet, Max the Airbnb Guy wrote, “God will punish you for what you did to me friend, how you used her, fucked up her life and dumped her for Saskay Olorun you will never see good in your life. Look at how you’ve disgraced yourself, you dumped my friend for the fame now you’ve gotten it yet you’re not satisfied.”

X user accuses Saskay’s boyfriend of dumping his friend in order to date Saskay.
This X user did not stop at just the allegations because he went on to make another post, claiming that people came out with screenshoots supporting his claim. He wrote “God must punish you guy People are just showing screenshots of how you did same thing to their friends why you dey move like this.”

These allegations were prompted by one of Chef Derin’s post, where he mentioned that ladies on Instagram no longer spoke to him again, ever since his social media launch with Saskay. He also sent a sassy apology to them, telling them once again that he’s taken.

All these things happened in less than forty-eight hours, and it is one of the fastest celebrity dramas to unfold in a long while. Also, the accusations seem to be quite solid, as screenshots have been attached, and not only one person is talking about it.

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