You don’t have a problem in life – Teni tells DJ Cuppy after asking for refund from Ferrari


Teni the entertainer has made it clear to billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy that she doesn’t have any problem in life after asking Ferrari for a refund.

Recall DJ Cuppy’s dad Femi Otedola bought a Ferrari for all his daughter, well Cuppy is thinking of changing her car; hence, she has asked Ferrari to refund her money to buy the new car that she wants now.

Cuppy sharing a photo of the new car she wants to buy asked her fans to help her tell Ferrari that she wants a refund to buy the new car that she shared in the photo and Teni reacting to that told her the sad truth.

According to Teni, DJ Cuppy doesn’t have any problem in life and that’s true because she has almost everything at her disposal thanks to her father Femi Otedola’s money and influence therefore she has nothing to worry about.

Cuppy seems to have almost everything and it won’t surprise us if she eventually buys the new car she’s now interested in without getting a refund from Ferrari to add to her cars that she hardly uses ever since she got the Ferrari.

Some netizens reacting to her post only asked her to dash them the Ferrari since it appears she’s no longer interested in it so she will buy the new car that she wants now instead of taking the Ferrari back for a refund.

screenshot below;