You could easily mistake her for a slay queen, see photos of Africa’s hottest female pastor


Lucy Natasha is a flamboyant pastor who founded the Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International. Her poise, allure, and numerous social media flicks will make you think she’s a slay queen if you have no idea who she is.

Unlike her male counterparts who make headlines for the wrong reasons through fake miracles and other controversies that compromise their credibility as men of God, Lucy sends tongues wagging through her beautiful photos and the bodyguards who always follow her wherever she goes.

She recently told reporters that she is waiting for her ‘Adam.’ ‘My Adam is still asleep. I am waiting to be pulled from the rib of my Adam who is still sleeping. Eve was picked from the rib of Adam, I feel I’m still asleep in the rib of my Adam,’ Natasha said.

Natasha added that her ‘Adam’ doesn’t have to be a pastor like her but has to be a man who believes in God.

See her photos;