“You can’t see her arguing online, no matter what. No controversy at all” – Man hail Chioma

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to laud Davido’s wife-to-be, Chioma Rowland, for her virtues, countering claims that she is merely lucky to be marrying the popular singer.

The wedding, dubbed ‘Chivido 2024,‘ is set to take place in Lagos on Tuesday, June 25.

The man, identified as Gerry, took to Facebook to express his admiration for Chioma, asserting that her union with Davido is a testament to her deserving nature rather than luck.

According to Gerry, Chioma embodies qualities that naturally attract favorable outcomes. Gerry emphasized Chioma’s humility and respect, which he described as “inexplicable.”

He praised her calm demeanor and ability to handle situations with grace, noting that she has never engaged in public arguments or controversies.

Highlighting Chioma’s natural beauty, Gerry pointed out that she has not undergone any cosmetic enhancements.

He stated that these attributes were significant factors in Davido’s attraction to her, evidenced by how proudly Davido showcases her in public and during his performances.

In his words;

“Davido and Chioma are about to have the wedding of their dream. Davido wants to make sure that ages won’t stop talking about it even when years go adrift.

“The wedding ring is said to worth more than the amount of 3 Rolls Royce put together.

“Not just that, the “I’m not available” crooner is now available to make a mouthwatering reservations for every homosapien that would grace the once-in-a-lifetime event of his life.

“This wedding is already sending shockwaves across the borders of Nigeria, and the most notable phrase has been “Chioma is a lucky woman.”
Brethren, truth is that, Chioma is not lucky about this, rather, it’s what she deserves. You can only attract your kind of favor.

“She’s humble to the core, and I’m sure she’s embedded with inexplicable respect, judging from her antics.
Men most times, don’t like drama, especially the ones at limelight. Chioma has been the calmest person I’ve known over the years.

“You can’t see her arguing online or off it. Whatever you say, she’ll silently pass it. No controversy and above all, her strength to overlook things most women can’t.

“She’s just natural. No BBL. No breast enhancement surgery. Just her and her alone. This is the personality that attracted Davido. And Davido is more than proud of her, no wonder he shows her off at every slight opportunity. Takes her to some shows, constantly reiterates how much he loves and cherishes her.

“This doesn’t imply that Davido is flawless, but he’s proven how much he values her presence in his life.
Chioma has proven that wealth, beauty and other things are not enough and complete without good character.
She’s not lucky, she worths and deserves every dime thing. That’s whom she is. Nothing happens by chance.”

Netizens Reactions…

Omotosho Olushola Ireayomi Jnr said; “Hopefully she won’t change when she later get married to him . All dis tolerance is normal . If she leaves him , which popular figure she wan go for again. “Hopefully it turns out well for them.”

Agu Benedette Ukamaka Iyke-Ekpokoba said: “Davido is very lucky to have Chioma. She is a priceless jewel. He should love and respect her and vice versa. May God bless their union in Jesus Name, Amen.”

Blessing Okpaluwa said; “I pray they last as huband and wife. Becux Davido too dae fall hand. “Since she agree to it. God will see Her through. Amen.”

Josh Allahnanan said; “This is not a show of pride to Davido but trying to show to the whole world that Chioma is worthy of such and even more. He sees what we don’t see and I believe it is a great virtue.”

Julie Josh said; “Boss everything on pint but I think you need to clean the ‘no BBL and breast enhancement oo. “Lol. “Check am well first.”

Anthony Blessing said; “He doesn’t love Chioma. “And Chioma have proven that money is everything.”

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