“You can’t change someone that isn’t ready to change” – Nigerians react after man advised women not to leave their men but mold them into perfect partners

Some Nigerian Facebook users have said that it’s impossible for women to change men for the better and build them into the partners of their dreams.  


They stated this after one Eyo Bassey advised women to not replace their men but instead mold them into the type of partners they want.


“Don’t replace him, teach him how to be that man you want. You can never find a perfect Man, but you can build your perfect Man,” he wrote.


Reacting to the post, one Ifeoma Onuoha wrote; “Teach a full grown man that his mama couldn’t teach? Take this advice at your own peril.”


One Ukachi Ibiam said; How can you build a Casanova? Please my fellow ladies don’t adhere to this post, because it’s not your duty to build a man. Bible made us to know that we are a help to our husbands and to be submissive. Don’t start what you can’t finish by trying to change someone that is not even ready to change all in the name of perfect Man. We are all working towards perfection so let him work on himself first,”


One Mr Awuaha wrote;  Only about 10% if men can be humble enough to be taught by a woman. And for those 10%, most of them are almost “perfect”. In fact, men who can learn from women are usually men who have already been under the training of a woman in their childhood, usually their mother. Men who have great mothers have respect for women. These are the men that can be “taught” by a woman. Don’t waste your time teaching an unteachable man.”


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