“You can now see the kids” – OAP Dotun’s ex wife finally grants him access to his children after months of pleading

After months of emotional turmoil and public appeals, Dotun’s ex-wife has finally granted him the access he sought to see his children. In a heartfelt message shared on her social media platform, she clarified that the issue was never about denying him access to their kids but rather the manner in which he had pursued it. She acknowledged that certain rules had been breached, but she has now allowed Dotun to see their children, thanks to legal proceedings initiated by his team.

In her lengthy social media post, Dotun’s ex-wife revealed that Dotun could indeed see their children if he chose to, with the legal team formally acknowledging his rights. However, she laid down one important condition: he must keep their children’s address off social media. The post concluded with a message of forgiveness, “Dotun, God will forgive you.”

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This significant development was preceded by a revelation from Dotun’s ex-wife, who bravely shared some aspects of their past marriage. She disclosed that during their marriage, she faced criticism and belittlement from Dotun. He allegedly told her that she was inadequate in the bedroom and that he did not enjoy intimacy with her, comparing her unfavorably to others. She admitted that this nearly shattered her self-esteem but asserted that she did not want to use their children as pawns to fight against the troubled marriage they had endured.

Recent reports had previously detailed Dotun’s accusations against both his ex-wife and her brother, Dbanj. He accused D’banj of attempting to alienate him from his children and questioned the loyalty of someone he claimed to have supported during a personal tragedy. There were even claims that his ex-wife would rather die than allow him to see their kids.

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