You beg too much, give a break – Doyin tackles online beggars

Doyin David addresses the issue of online begging and concedes that she lacks a compassionate nature.

The outspoken reality TV personality took to Snapchat to respond to a singe mother who requested financial assistance from, Doyin advised them to turn to the child’s father for support instead.

Her blunt response sparked backlash from the online community, with many finding her words harsh and unsupportive. Doyin defended herself, urging critics to stop exaggerating the situation.

Sharing a screenshot of another fan’s messages seeking attention and validation for their 19th birthday, Doyin acknowledged her shortcomings and boldly declared herself as the worst kind of person.

In her honest admission, she stated, “I’m actually a very bad person. Let’s all come to the conclusion than I’m the worst. After that, what next?”

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