‘You are just bitter’ – Apostle Suleman to Nigerians celebrating Oyedepo’s alleged visa denial saga


There were reports some few hours ago suggesting that popular Nigerian cleric, Bishop Oyedepo has been allegedly denied a visa to the USA.

Although the US embassy has come out to rubbish these claims labelling them as false, there were some Nigerians who actually celebrated this report.

However, Apostle Johnson Suleman in a recent submission on Twitter has lashed out at these Nigerians saying they are just bitter.

In his tweet, Apostle Johnson Suleman said;

“Many Nigerians are bitter, they don’t even love themselves, so don’t expect love from them.

Also, life has not been fair to some, so they are enraged and looking for whom to vent on, commendations/condemnation are like bitter kola,chew but don’t swallow it.”