”You are gorgeous and you look like Jesus” – Man shares shocking compliment from stranger during lunch with colleagues

An American man who resembles Jesus recounts an unexpected compliment he received from a woman while having lunch with 12 of his colleagues.

A user on the microblogging platform X identified as @WhenBrianSmiles took to the platform to share how his day went.

According to the man, he was at a restaurant having lunch with 12 of his colleagues when a woman walked up to him and complimented him for looking like Jesus Christ.

The young man revealed how he responded with how every individual is made in the image of Jesus but the woman insisted he looked just as much as the messiah than anyone else.

In his words;

“Yesterday while eating dinner at a restaurant with 12 of my collegues a woman said to me “I’ve been wanting to tell you you are gorgeous. And you look like Jesus” I replied “Thank
you, we’re all made in his image.” She retorted “Some better than others” and y’all I—🤭🫠.”

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