You Are An Idiot If You Tag Me A Lesbian- Paulina Oduro Fires Critics


Legendary actress, High life art, talent show judge Paulina Oduro has fired critics who tag her as lesbian as idiots.

In a snippet of the delay show yet to be aired, Paulina Oduro disclosed that she has been single for over a decade which she says created the impression with Ghanaians that she is a lesbian. However, Paulina has described her critics as stupid and idiots for tagging her as such.

The musician and actress expressed her concerns why Ghanaians tag people with all kinds of names which isn’t true but just speculations. She questioned the host Delay what a 60year old woman like her would be needing sex for.

Paulina Oduro has explained that she is channeling her energy into other profitable ventures, thus, her inability to date a man for the past 10 years.