“You are a big fool” – Anita Joseph to troll who said she should have married someone more loaded


Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph and one of her followers both exchanged some harsh words between each other on Instagram.

The actress as usual took to social media to post a lovely picture of herself with her handsome husband, asking her fans to give her a suitable caption.

Anita seems to have thugs as fans and followers, anytime the actress posts on social media, there is always a negative comment in her comments box.

The actress has been told severely to keep her relationship off social media because people’s belief is that such relationship doesn’t last. However, Anita keeps acting deaf and continues decorating her Instagram page with the lovely moments she spends with her husband.

The beautiful actress shared new picture on Instagram and a follower reacted with the statement “I thought u will settle with someone more loaded to avoid breakup tommorow”.

Without wasting much time, Anita replied harshly, “Sense is profitable for those who need it….

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion, and so therefore you are BIG FOOL.…”. She said.