Yoruba woman apologizes to Igbos for what was done to them during civil war


A Yoruba woman has apologized to Igbo people on behalf of herself, her family and her children for the war crimes committed against the Igbos during the Nigerian civil war.

She narrated how her father rented out his property to 6 Igbo spare parts dealers and refused to collect anything extra from them, asides the house rent.

She explained that even when the spare parts dealers occupying her father’s property in Oyigbo asked him to pick any electronics he wants from their goods, he would decline.

In return, the Igbo businessmen showered her father with gifts and food items during the Christmas holidays.

She said she didn’t understand why her father was being kind to the Igbos until she overheard him speaking to one of the Igbo businessmen about the civil war.

Her father said he chose to be kind to the Igbo businessmen “to apologize in his own little way for what the government did to them.”

The Twitter user went on to also apologize, writing: “The government may never apologize to you guys, but on behalf of my family and my children, I apologize for what they did to your people.”

Read her tweets below.