Yoruba girls are better for marriage than Igbo girls, they lack respect – Speed Darlington spills (Video)

Nigerian singer Speed Darlington in a new video that surfaced online disclosed that Igbo girls are not great for marriage.

Speed Darlington who is also an Igbo made this known to all men stressing that Igbo girls are the number one prostitutes in Nigeria and abroad.

Speaking further, Speed Darlington utters that Igbo girls are very greedy, unappreciative, lack respect and also insultive.

Speed Darlington also disclosed that Igbo girls brag about being industrialized in nature among others.

He added that Yoruba girls are better than Igbo girls as you will never see them bragging about those things. Speed Darlington said that Anambra girls are the worsest among the Igbo girls.

Berating girls from his region further, Speed Darlington says that Igbo girls can sleep with any man because of iPhone noting that they are number 1 “Olosho (prostitute).

Speed Darlington in his words said that most of the Igbo girls in Libya only went there to sell $ex. The singer who used to be in the USA before coming back to Nigeria stressed that most of the Igbo girls in Texas, Georgia are not working but are into prostitution.

He concluded that there is no benefit of marrying Igbo girls as they are naturally lazy and also said most social media feminists are Igbo.

Speed Darlington said; “Avoid Igbo girls, they’re not great for marriage. They’re also proud, they’re the number one prõst!tutes in Nigeria. Most social media feminists are Igbo Women.

“Igbo girls are very greedy, unappreciative, they lack respect, they are insulative, they brag about their industrialization. Yoruba don’t do that, anambra are the worst brag about their work, stay away from them, they can sleep with any man because of iPhone. number one olosho are Igbo, they sell $ecx. any Igbo girl in libya is selling $ecx. There is no benefit to marrying Igbo girls in this generation. Igbo girls are naturally lazy.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

@Khanstillday: He didn’t lie about the feminist part though.

@1_otex:  They don break akpi heart scatter, I guess his circle attracts alot of sharks so he thinks they are the only fish in the river.

@JustECP:  There are a lot of truths in what he is saying, though I don’t believe in stereotypes, as there are many good and decent Igbo ladies. However, the culture in itself raises women to be strong and independent, and the downside is some of the things he is saying. Me, I kuku marry Yoruba wife, for my own sanity because I couldn’t deal.

@quinncyjames:  Chai! Who serve my presido hot breakfast like this? Few days back, presido was praising igbos girls and setting out criteria to be his wife. Wetin una do am nau? Chai! 😢 Presido sorry ooo.

@Updateboyx: Na only God know watin igbo girls collect for speedy hand.

@kachiucheagwu:  I quite agree with him. There are other nationalists living abroad who didn’t allow the culture of the West to influence them. Take for instance Indians. Most Indian women abroad who are married are still in marriage and know their place as women regardless of their wealth and status. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Africans particularly Nigerian women who see abroad as an avenue to exercise their freedom to practice their femininity while forgetting their traditional roles and customs.

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