Years ago a Nigerian military ruler was acting like he owned the country, when his cup became full God removed him permanently – Pastor Adeboye writes after 2023 presidential and National Assembly elections

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has shared a post addressed to Nigerians after last Saturday, February 25, presidential and national assembly elections. 


Pastor Adeboye who listed Bible verses to demonstrate how God is greater than worldly leaders, recalled how a Nigerian military ruler felt he owned the country and went about killing people as he pleased. He further disclosed that when this military ruler’s cup became full, God removed him permanently. 


The RCCG General Overseer also told those in leadership positions not to allow it get to their heads as God is the one in-charge.


 He wrote; 


There are many great leaders in this world. However, there is Someone called the Most High, the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). He is higher than the highest (Ecclesiastes 5:8). Isaiah 66:1 says heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool. According to Revelation 19:16, He is the King of kings. Put in modern terms, He is the President of all the presidents in the world.
The Most High God rules in the affairs of men (Daniel 4:25). In Daniel 4:34-35, the king of the country considered as the superpower in the world at that time confessed that the dominion of the Most High is forever.
Thus, once in a while, when one earthly leader or the other is beginning to feel big and in control, God teaches the fellow a lesson and shows the whole world that He is still in control. God demonstrated through the Coronavirus pandemic that despite the sophistication of the leaders of the world, they are powerless without Him and so they must surrender to His Lordship.

Proverbs 21:1 says He is the one who controls the heart of kings like rivers of water. When an earthly king is beginning to prove stubborn and refuses to bow to His Lordship, He can deal with the fellow in one of two ways. The first is by shifting something in the king’s brain so that he would begin to act like an animal. After a while, when he has learnt his lesson and really seen who is in charge, God would then restore his sound mind and He may even restore his throne too.
This is what happened to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:30-37. The second way that the Most High can deal with such a king is to harden his heart and then destroy him, using him as an example to the whole world that He is still sovereign. This is what happened to Pharaoh in Exodus 15:4-6.
Something similar happened in Nigeria a few years ago when a military head of state was acting as if he owned the country, killing people and doing as he pleased. When his cup became full, God removed him permanently.
If you find yourself in a leadership position, don’t let it get into your head; always remember God is the one truly in charge.

God is still ruling in the affairs of men and His dominion is forever.

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