Year of Return diaries; Yvonne Nelson blows hot air


It appears Yvonne Nelson has lost her cool with the ruling government NPP.

She has been throwing direct shades at the Party and the President in recent times.

Young Ghanaian actress, movie producer and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has posed a serious question to the President over the diasporans who visited during the launch of year of return.

In a post sighted by Tontrends, Yvonne Nelson has expressed her concerns about how and if the country will benefit positively after the launch of the year of return.

Actress Yvonne Nelson

In her post, she asked how many of those diasporans would come back to the country to invest in the country after their visit.

She argued that the introduction of year of return was just for these diasporans to pay Ghana a visit and not invest.

She wrote……

“After all the year of return celebrations,let’s see if peeps in the diaspora will no back to the motherland, let’s see if they’ll choose life up there/down here….. let’s see if they’ll come and invest, let’s see if they’ll choose life here in Africa”