Nigerians react as Kate Henshaw shares opinion on the Xenophobic attacks in SA

Actress Kate Henshaw

Nollywood star Kate Henshaw has reacted to the ongoing xenophobic killings in South Africa.

The internet has been flooded with gory photos and images of South African nationals killing other other Black foreigners like Nigerians.

But according to Kate, Nigerians themselves should be blamed for what is happening to them in South Africa.

“We are responsible for how people treat us,” she wrote on Twitter.

She wrote on Twitter

However, she has been condemned by many on social media for being “insensitive”.

“This is such a wrong time to Tweet this! As a Public Figure, it’s a public embarrassment… Tueh!” a Twitter user wrote.

“If only your innocent brother got lynched… you wouldn’t say such. Besides jungle justice in the name of Xenophobia is no Justice,” another tweeted.