#XENOPHOBIA: PDP senators urge FG to act fast

Enyinnaya Abaribe, Senate Minority Leader

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) senators have urged the Federal Government to go beyond diplomatic rhetoric and compel the government of South Africa to immediately put a stop to the attacks on and killing of Nigerians living in their country.

Senate Minority Leader Enyinnaya Abaribe in a statement has described the attack as barbaric and unwarranted and declared that the seeming cold approach of the South African Government to the vexed issue casts it as being complicit in the violence.

“That being the case, our government must go beyond diplomatic niceties and ensure the protection of our people living in that country henceforth. The Presidency must stamp their feet on the ground and call that government to order.

“We have an emergency; this is not the time to play ‘good guy’ international diplomacy. The gory picture of our people being slaughtered on the streets of South Africa in recent times lowers our collective spirit, even as it tends to diminish Nigeria’s prestige in the committee of nations. The Presidency must stop the dripping,” he said.

Abaribe noted that it was inconceivable that Black South Africans would take a deplorable turn against Nigerians, who had committed large human and material resources to their struggle against the country’s historical Apartheid system.

“It is very unfortunate, inhumane and runs against the grains of our African brotherhood,” the senator added.

The Minority Leader, however, acknowledged the efforts of the Federal Government to build international consensus on the matter, but advised that the government should do more, considering the rising frustration among Nigerians.