WWE superstar’s salaries revealed as McMahon cuts cost to save £3m


WWE released a number of their superstars as the company took drastic measures to cope with Coronavirus pandemic.

But the £3million Vince McMahon is expecting to recoup at the cost of 21 wrestlers is only a fraction of the £8m Brock Lesnar pockets as the Company’s top earner .

The nine other stars who joined the Beats Incarnate in the top ten help propel the overall gross to a combined £30.6m before in tax in 2019 .
WWE pays wrestlers a baseline income called a downside guarantee, that locks the minimum salary . But additional payouts on high selling high selling events and merchandise sales are likely to take a hit because of the Coronavirus .

The report only included active full time members meaning part timers like , John Cena , The Undertaker and Ronda Rousey are excluded .