WWE legend The Undertaker ,said his nose was once broken by Rey Mysterio but he carried on fighting


WWE favorite The Undertaker has recounted the excruciating time his nose got broken by Rey Mysterio , he said : “ I had to reset it during the fight cause I didn’t want to loose.

The two superstars have faced each other in just four single matches on WWE television, with the deadman’s horror injury occurring midway through their last bout on Smackdown in 2010 .

Speaking on Instagram live with Nine line apparel , he said :

“ during the fight , I sat up and I was like , Wow I can see my nose , and it’s broken , the pain was crazy .I immediately grabbed it and straightened it out the best way I could , I kept on fighting like nothing happened, but deep down I was in serious pain .

Despite suffering a broke nose and orbital bone alongside a concussion, Undertaker incredibly managed to pull through and defeat Mysterio with a Tombstone Piledriver .