“Writing a will at 26 is not a regular thing, something is wrong” – Netizens react as Mohbad’s father raises questions over his will (Video)

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba better known as Mohbad, has raised questions over his late son’s will.

The late singer’s father who has been on media rounds for the past few days, questioned how his late son, who was aged 26 could have done a thumbprinted will. He expressed disbelief at how his son, who was well educated could do a thumbprint will, rather than sign it.

Challenging the will, Joseph Aloba stated that he believes the document was doctored and is fake. He also pointed out how a lawyer was present at Mohbad’s house, and not even a doctor when the news of his death broke out. According to him, when he got to his son’s house, he met Davido’s representative, Mohbad’s PA, Zlatan Ibile, Wunmi her lawyer, and others.

Video below…

His revelation has left netizens divided as some concurred with him, while others believed that the late singer knew the family he had hence the will.

One Chyomss wrote, “He left the will because he knows the kind of useless father/family he came from and you guys are not proving him wrong

One Shes Precious wrote, “He probably saw everything coming that was the reason he wrote his will

One Henry Chika wrote, “Although anyone can write a will at any time of their lives, in all honesty, writing a will at 26 is not a regular thing

One Fiyin Toyo wrote, “Very silly!! I’m in my 30s and I executed my will when I was 27!!! Not because I was under threat but because I had assets that I wanted distributed in a certain way. Writing a will is a sign of wisdom, and realism and not age

One Pretty Millicent wrote, “He probably knew the type of family he came from. Secondly, with the various threats to his life, he saw a clearer picture

One I Am Mztonia wrote, “Someone that is being threatened every now and then wrote a will probably he knew his not gonna escape for them and he wrote a will just in case!!! There’s no age factor to writing will”.

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