Would you forgive a partner after cheating?


Most of you will bear with me that if there is one thing that has the power to wipe off many years of happiness and shatter your dreams and love life definitely infidelity will always top a list of all things.

Put yourself in a situation where you find you love, be it wife, husband or even your fiancee.

Just think of it is enough to break you into pieces. Anyway, these things are there and have happened to some of us.

Here is a list of people who have given views on this topic, we appreciate them so much for sharing their views with us. However, to hide their identity we have used fictitious names and locations.

Ivy cutie, from Fonti 

For me, it’s a very big No. You either chose to remain faithful to me or never at all approach me and ask me to be yours.

For me, I can’t even think twice about the matter. Once I find out my partner has cheated on me I will just leave without waiting for an explanation.

In fact, there is no excuse he can give me for cheating o me. That woman he was cheating on me with they can go and make it official and maybe marry one another, but for me, I’ll be completely out, like FOREVER.

Dan Kim, from Jamie

I am a university student at one of the famous university here in Kenya. For me, a girl cheating on me will never be a big deal. I will just ignore I didn’t see, call her to over in my house, f*** her really hard for my last time and chase her out of my house like a dog. After all, she cheated on me. I can never inquire about the reasons why she cheated, I will just her a replacement and that’s final for me.

Fidel Swee, from Cubas

Men are always mind driven. Most of them will cheat because they find a woman to be attractive and only want to lay her on the bed. If my guy cheats on me and apologizes for the same. I will just forgive him and make him swear he will never do it ever again.

Steve Lilac, from Kenyon 

For me, infidelity will be a stop to everything we had built together. I won’t care about how much I had spent on her or how much we had struggled to stay intact but I’ll just leave her for good. 

Karisa Queen, from Westin 

Why is he cheating in the first place? If he doesn’t like me anymore he can just say it out and end things up. I think cheating is the most disrespectful act a man can do to his partner who he loves. He must put himself in my shoes first and think about what I feel when I find out and be ready to take on the consequences. Every action has consequences, he should bear with the consequences since for me I can hardly continue with that relationship.