Worry about your name being in the book of life not about who will get the 666 mark – Daddy Freeze to Christians


Nigerian media personnel, Daddy Freeze has told Christians to worry about their names being in the book of life and not about, who will get the 666 mark.

This comes following some Christians stating that everything happening lately is as a result of the fact that the world is about to come to an end.

Others in some conspiracy theories said that world billionaire, Bill Gate is the antichrist.

However, Daddy Freeze stressed that Bill Gates is not the antichrist and a vaccine or a chip in the hand is not the mark of the beast as he told them to stop being “Stupid.”

Daddy Freeze in a statement via his online platform wrote, “Of the many things that are supposed to happen before the mark of the beast comes, NONE; not a single one has happened.

Worry about spreading the message of Christ to every corner of the earth first and then having your name in the book of the lamb (Matthew 25,31, Revelation 13:8) first.

it’s those whose names are not in the book of life that would worship the beast; being in the book of life is your priority as a Christian, not who the beast is or what his number signifies, or else you are washing your hands with dirty water and hustling backward.”