WONDER SHALL NEVER END: Villagers Dig Up Dead Bodies of Relatives, Wash and Take Them for a Walk (Photos)


Some villagers have shocked the rest of the world with their unbelievable tradition after they dug up their dead relatives and took them for a walk.

They open the coffins, let the corpses dry out then wash them, groom them and dress them up before walking with them through the village (Picture: Caters)

An Indonesian tribe has held a festival of the walking dead in which they dig up the corpses of their relatives and friends.

They then wash, groom and dress them up before walking with them for good harvest.

Every year, families in Toraja in the highlands of South Sulawesi, exhume the bodies of their dead relatives and friends to reunite with them in an annual celebration called Ma’nene.

Even the bodies of babies and children are dug up to celebrate the ritual that last for three days.

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