Wonder Shall Never End. Girl With Strange Tongue Causes Stir Online (Photos)


A girl identified by her username on social media as Datweird Kia La posted this picture as her profile photo, Which has gotten everyone talking on how she managed to get her Tongue to that shape or if it is Natural.

According to what we understand, she can be able to twist her Tongue to what ever shape she wants even without looking at it. This is an uncommon thing an average person can do.

She has been trending online after after she recently uploaded her profile picture of her weird twisted Tongue, this one is so unique she twisted it on multiple circles. Her followers where surprised that it lead to several reactions till it went viral.

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Though, many of them applauded her unique talent because it was something that cannot be done by any other person. Many of her fans insisted that they will never kiss her even if they had the opportunity, while some of her followers made fun of her.

Although, speculations of her being the only person with that weird Tongue talent has sparked debate online. So do you know any other person that can do this?, be free to have your say.