“Women who are close to me think I want their men” – Moet Abebe

In a recent development, Moet Abebe has expressed her dislike for women who think that she is after their man.

She revealed that sometimes some of her friends feel a type of way when they have to introduce her to their man, which she funny because she was not even thinking of going after their man.

Following that conversation with Tolani Badge, Tolani revealed that it’s likely because of her massive bum.

Tolani Baj however revealed that she does not feel intimidated and that’s probably because she knows who she is. They spoke on the fact that girls can easily get intimidated.

Also recall that Tontrends had reported in March of 2024 that Very Dark Man had trolled Tolani and Moet Abebe following a statement they made some days ago.

He revealed that no man would want women like them as he slammed them for having the audacity to talk about Lord Lamba.

This was coming after the duo defended Queen while dragging Lord Lamba, Queen’s baby daddy.

Also, Moet ABebe in December of 2023 had shared some insights on why she was still single. She revealed that she was single at 34 because a lot of men don’t have sense. However, while in a conversation with Daniel Effiong, he suggested that women like Mowat can easily guide men into gaining sense.

Moet argued against that and revealed that women also deserve care and attention, not just the responsibility of constantly nurturing men.

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