Women should stop providing money to men, it makes them lazy – Okoro Blessing


Nigeria’s most controversial relationship counsellor, Blessing Okoro has warned ladies in relationships not to provide any financial support to men.

According to Okoro, some women are so desperate for marriage that they do everything they can to keep their men, including providing them with money.

Blessing Okoro

Okoro argues that when a lady does that for a man, he loses his sense of responsibility.

“Women stop providing for men. Stop being so desperate for marriage by giving them money. You have made them constantly lazy and they have become boys. Allow a man take up his responsibility to provide. That is his job. A man sole responsibility to provide.” she warned.

“A man is built to provide. Take away provision from a man, he is a boy. If a man cannot provide, he is a boy. And a boy only bothers about who he will sleep with since he is jobless. Even if he is not financially buoyant, let there be an attempt from him before you assist,” she added.