Women Reveal 16 Habits That Turns Them Off About A Man (MUST READ)


1. “Cheap Guys..
..I don’t mind paying every once in a while but if I’m not your girlfriend yet & you’re still trying to win me over, you should at least be paying for the first couple of dates.. Geez, why are guys so cheap now a days? BIGGEST TURN OFF EVER.”

2. “I HATE when guys bring up other girls..
..that they have been with or slept with trying to make me jealous or make themselves sound good. It just makes them sound insecure and not worth it. Biggest turn off for me.”

3. “A man that can’t let go and just have fun…
..life shouldn’t be solely based on working. You need to take time and enjoy the little things. It’ll be over before you know it and you only get one chance to live your life!”

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