Women have nothing to offer in a relationship apart from sex


A social media user has charged on women for bringing nothing to the table in a relationship aside opening their legs and expecting all the goodies from the other end of the divide.


Believe it or not, this opinion piece was shared by a woman who tried to strike a balance in her piece so women can be more responsible in a relationship.

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See her post below:

I have a disturbing thought I’d like to share. Recently, i stumbled on a video which had a caption “Apart from sex, women have nothing to offer in a relationship.”

I totally disagree with this.

I am not disagreeing as a feminist. I am disagreeing as a sane woman.

In as much as a lot of women folks are guilty of the caption charged against them, i think the male folks should also be blamed as an encouraging factor to this.

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Gentleman, apart from calling her to come over to your place for the weekend, have her wash your clothes, keep your house clean and have massive sex. Have you tried to engage her in an intellectual/an intelligent discourse?

Apart from drilling that hole, have you tried to drill and extract her God given potentials from her?

Have you tried to discuss your dreams and aspirations with her and see how she fits in by suggesting ideas that would contribute positively to your dreams?

Apart from taking her to the club and have countless sit outs, have you ever taken her for seminars and workshops?

These are questions a lot of male folks are guilty of.

It takes two to tangle. Until you give her room to show you her potentials, you will never see her showcasing it.

The reason why she gives you just sex is because that is the only thing you require all the time from her ever since you both met.

Require more than sex, and then you will see her come out in her fullness.

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