”Women are not instructed to love men but to submit” – Lady shares observations from the Bible

Nigerian lady warns women to stop falling in love with men as it is not biblically acceptable.

The young lady shared this with a verse from Ephesians, where women were asked to only submit.

She insists that as women, the only obligation is to submit to a man who is providing and spoiling them.

According to the Bible passage she presented, she states it is only the men that were instructed to love.

She claims that women choosing to love is the cause of many heartbreaks and they start settling for less because they were not ordained to love.

See some reactions to the video below

sauceprince1 claimed: “Submission comes with love! What is wrong with some modern ladies, sometimes y’all say things that will make MEN wanna always have pack of protection button, so they don’t plan to have a fruit or two with your kind! See how this one dey twist Bible. No wonder Jesus WEpt! It’s obvious.”

barakazy wrote: “Wahala for me that I’m a lover girl 😂😂”

iamtheblessedewa agreed: “True …make una dey try chop 😂😂 no be everytime love love love love 😏😹”

9ja_ghost added: “If you want to love as a woman, have children or get a pet. You’re meant to respect your man not love.”

nurse_aimie commented: “But yeah! My man once told me this 😂😂😂 he said his responsible is to love me not the other way round ❤️❤️”

Watch the video here…..

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